Train Fitness Professionals terms & conditions.


Terms and Conditions

Enrolment and Fees

  • All enrolments are accepted on a membership agreement (i.e. your enrolment secures your place in your chosen class / classes indefinitely, until you tell us otherwise).
  • Clients may opt out if a minimum of two week’s written notice is provided.
  • Train Fitness Professionals reserves the right to refuse entry to students with outstanding fees.
  • Fees are non-refundable and discounted fees are not provided for missed classes.
  • Memberships may be suspended for a minimum of two weeks.
  • Clients may request a credit for any injury or illness resulting in two consecutive weeks of missed classes. Requests must be in writing with a medical certificate provided.


  • Clients acknowledge they have read the Train Fitness Professionals risk warning and pre screen document. By signing these terms and conditions you agree to the previous mentioned documents.
  • All information the client has provided Train Fitness Professionals is true and honest, to the client’s knowledge.
  • Clients participate at their own risk. Train Fitness Professionals accepts no liability for any injury that may be incurred while participating in sessions or attending any Train Fitness Professionals premises.
  • Train Fitness Professionals reserves the right to arrange medical transportation, at the student’s expense, in the event of an emergency.
  • Off-street parking is available, however, parking may be limited during peak hours.


  • You acknowledge that Train Fitness Professionals, its officers, employees, contractors or agents (Train staff) take all reasonable steps to provide you with safe and enjoyable training.
  • You acknowledge that Train has provided you with a risk warning and these risks include but are not limited to:

I: Personal Injury and loss (including financial loss) resulting from your actions, actions of others or equipment breakdown or failure; and

II: Loss or damage to personal property whether it be lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

  • You acknowledge that you will participate at your own risk. Train accepts no liability for any injury that may be incurred while participating in training sessions either in the presence of a Train staff member or not.
  • You agree that you will not hold responsible Train and Train staff for all claims and liabilities (whatsoever in nature) associated with your use of and/or participation in and/or reliance upon Train Services and you hereby release Train and Train Staff from any claims or actions (whatsoever in nature) that may be instituted in relation to your use of and/or participation in and/or reliance upon Train Services.
  • Train reserves the right to apply first aid where needed and has the right to arrange for medical transportation, at your expense, in the event of an emergency.
  • You acknowledge that you are physically and mentally capable of using Train Services and that you have read that document and sign it of your own freewill.
  • Train accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of/to personal property of any kind.


Code of conduct

Child Safe Policy

Complaints and Reporting Procedures

Fitness Australia Guidelines (as referenced within Train Fitness Professionals Policies and Procedures)

Fitness Victoria Business Member Code of Practice

Scope of Practice for Registered Exercise Professionals

Business Principles and Guidance for Fitness Businesses

Ready to choose your strength?

All trainers at Train Fitness Professionals are registered with Fitness Australia and hold the relevant qualifications for personal training, along with any specialisations they teach. Please feel free to request these documents from your trainer at any time.
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