MINI TRAINers Holiday Program

There’s more to exercise for kids than just physical fitness!
According to, exercise can help a child’s brain develop vital connections which may lead to improved concentration and thinking skills!

And as a Childsafe facility to can be assured that your children will learn about fitness and movement in a positive environment – this is all about having fun and finding the joy in movement!

The Details

LOCATION: The Quay Pavilion and Reserve, Torquay North

TIME: 9.00am – 3.30pm (half day available)

AGE: PREP – Grade 7

DAY: Thursday 11 July 2019



Hip Hop

A form of not only fitness but a way for us to express ourselves. Hip Hop is a newer style of dance that has developed in the more recent years. A style that has evolved from breakdancing to popping and locking and tutting, it is a great way for children to get moving.

We use age appropriate music to find musicality and rhythm in the dance and movement studio. We use our Hip Hop classes to instill strength, confidence and fun into the workout environment.

Circuit Sessions

Have your kids crawl, squat, jump and lift around the room in a kid-friendly circuit.  Strength training in a safe environment has been shown to help children gain confidence, enhance their physical skills and ensure we grow next generation that enjoys their workouts well into the future.

These sessions consist of bodyweight exercises, resistance band training and correct lifting of weights. Using a variety of exercises we are sure that your mini TRAINer will love our circuit class.

Fitness = Games

We love finding new and exciting ways to engage our younger members… so what better way than to combine movement AND games?

Think Hungry Hippos, Animal Races and more.  You may even want to learn how to play these at home – family-friendly fitness games? What could be better!




Bookings essential.

Payment plans are available (full amount to be paid prior to the first day of holiday program).



I have been training with Lisa-Marie for over a year now and in that time I have taken my kids over the school holidays to join in the sessions.

I have two girls and a boy ages 12, 10 and 7.

They loved it. It was something different for them as well as good for them. The time we had together was also nice seeing them smile and enjoying it was great. I would recommend TrainFP for any family.


I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions that I have been able to attend. They are fun, energetic and well choreographed for people at any level of fitness or health. My 4 year old daughter Olivia has come along to the classes and has loved following the dance moves.I am looking forward to attending some more classes.  Thankyou




Lisa Marie is an incredible influence on her student’s life whether they be young or old, tall or short, shy or confident. She has the most incredible personality to make anyone feel comfortable and part of the family in any class. I have and still attend many of Lisa’s classes from Jazz to Dance Anatomy and even tap.I had never done tap in my life but always though I wasn’t good enough so never gave it a try. Due to a timetable change and the help of Lisa she coached me into a tap routine only months before the end of year concert and it felt great! My favourite so far of Lisa Marie’s classes is Dance Technique and Anatomy. It’s basically a class that helps you get in touch with your body and learn to listen and respect your body. Not only does Lisa check how you are going on a body level she also checks how you are feeling on a mental level which I think is very important. Overall, I would recommend Lisa to anyone! She is such a great person and mentor. I am so lucky to know and to be taught by such a genuine lady.



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