With everyone suddenly housebound, many people are panicking that they don’t have the space or equipment to work out at home. Yet you don’t need anything fancy to get your sweat on, wherever you are! You don’t even need a big space—just a little time and a plan.

Though equipment can make a workout fun and interesting it’s not really necessary, especially if you are just starting out. Here are a few guidelines for working out at home:

Find your space

As I said before, this doesn’t have to be a super large room, just clear an area big enough to put your arms out and reach side to side. The main priority here is that you are safe: be aware of your surroundings in a smaller space, and keep a watch out for any pets, toddlers or priceless heirlooms that may be in your way!

Treat it like a workout

Bring a water bottle and towel with you, as if you were going to the gym. You can also dress up in your fanciest workout clothes if you like. I always like to put on a bit of music for motivation and to make the whole process feel fun.

Speaking of workout clothes, I would recommend wearing either bare feet or shoes. Wearing socks can make your stance a bit slippery.

Have a plan

Coming to your workout with a plan makes the whole process much less daunting. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, especially if you are a beginner. Working with only a few exercises is a perfect and manageable workout. You can do any exercises you like, but here’s a straightforward example:

  1. Warm up

Warmups ready our bodies to workout. We want to raise your bodies temperature and increase blood-flow to our muscles (among other things) to ensure we have a safe and effective workout. Here’s an example of a good warm up.

  1. Exercise circuit (complete this circuit 3-5 times depending on your ability and how you feel):

Click on each of the exercises to see a video

10 squat to rises

10 wall pushups

10 bench dips

  1. Cool down

Cool-downs decrease your heart rate gradually, which helps you avoid dizziness. They allow your body to return to its ‘normal’ and also aid in completing the relaxation process of your workout. Check out one of our cool downs here


Pay Attention

The main danger in home workouts is that no one is supervising your form, and if you are doing something wrong you may injure yourself. This is why paying attention to your body is so important.

If at any point during the workout you experience pain or discomfort, STOP.

Skip that exercise and move onto the next one.

If you are jumping, be mindful of the floor. You shouldn’t jump on concrete or other rock-hard surfaces because it takes a terrible toll on your knees and lower back.

Consult a trainer or a fitness professional to find alternative exercises, or consult a physiotherapist. Even in these COVID times, online consultations are still available.

Remember, it’s all about feeling good! Forgetting the equipment and simply focusing on your movement can not only be a fantastic workout, it can teach you to listen to your body. Making your workouts intuitive from the start will ensure you can keep going in the long term.

Questions? Hit me up – I love to help.

Happy moving and grooving,


Text by Nancy Langham-Hooper