Do you love to dance and boogie?? Do you love to have fun?? Do you want a workout without even knowing it?? Then come join me us for one of our dance fitness classes – 30 minute sessions involving dance, movement, fun and an amazing playlist of party songs.

Everyone is welcome! It doesn’t matter what your experience or dancing background is – this is all about having fun and finding your joyful movement!

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We are proud to be running our new dance fitness classes at TrainFP. Dancercise has been created by TrainFP owner Lisa-Marie and has merged her love of dance and fitness into one.

A program that is aimed at anyone who would like to boogie, Dancercise is suitable for absolute beginners through to the trained dancer. Concentrating on having the most fun within each class, you will find elements of cardio, strength and flexibility in each session. We are sure to have something for the dancer in all of you!

Come join us and find your beat!

Beginner Jazz

Learn the technique behind the steps! You will learn how to turn, jump and high kick in a safe and progressive environment. Using a variety of music we concentrate on how to perform these steps while having a blast.

This class is suited to the adult that is an absolute beginner, someone who has had a few lessons or a past dancer returning to dance after a break.

Jazz shoes are not required but can be used if you would like.

Dance Conditioning

Normally run in conjunction with your dance studios, dance conditioning can help dancers return to dance, increase flexibility safely, improve their tricks and more. Pre pointe sessions are also on offer for those students who have been advised by their teachers that they are ready to start the pointe work journey.

These are normally one-on-one sessions with safe and efficient exercises. Have your studio director contact us today!


I absolutely love Lisa-Marie’s Dance Fitness and jazz classes! Lisa-Marie is a welcoming and vibrant teacher who creates and fun and safe (physically and emotionally!) environment in which everyone can participate! Lisa-Marie makes sure all routines have different levels to meet the needs of each student whilst also ensuring there are movements to work on mobility and strength in different parts of the body. I also love the way Lisa-Marie is able to balance the needs of each individual as well as the needs of the class as a whole. Dance Fitness classes with Lisa-Marie are so fun and engaging that they don’t even feel like exercise, more like a fun dance party with friends!


I have thoroughly enjoyed any of the Dance Fitness classes that I have been able to attend. They are fun, energetic and well choreographed for people at any level of fitness or health. My 4 year old daughter Olivia has come along to the classes and has loved following the dance moves.I am looking forward to attending some more classes.  Thankyou





Lisa Marie is an incredible influence on her student’s life whether they be young or old, tallor short, shy or confident. She has the most incredible personality to make anyone feel comfortable and part of the family in any class. I have and still attend many of Lisa’s classesfrom Jazz to Dance Anatomy and even tap.I had never done tap in my life but always though I wasn’t good enough so never gave it atry. Due to a timetable change and the help of Lisa she coached me into a tap routine only months before the end of year concert and it felt great! My favourite so far of Lisa Marie’s classes is Dance Technique and Anatomy. It’s basically aclass that helps you get in touch with your body and learn to listen and respect your body. Not only does Lisa check how you are going on a body level she also checks how you are feeling on a mental level which I think is very important. Overall, I would recommend Lisa to anyone! She is such a great person and mentor. I am so lucky to know and to be taught by such a genuine lady.



Preschool Dance Classes

We are currently taking expressions of interest for preschool dance classes. Lisa-Marie would love to welcome you and your young dancers to join her.

 Dance classes are a fantastic way for children of all ages to develop confidence, self-awareness and coordination while making friends and learning new skills in a fun and nurturing environment. With Lisa-Marie’s dance teaching qualifications, she understands that developmental needs vary for each student, and her classes will run accordingly.

These dance classes are open for both boys and girls aged 2 years plus. Please contact us you would like to receive more information.

Ready to choose your strength?

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