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We hope to promote health and fitness as a positive journey! We want you to understand that this will not be a quick fix, but will ensure you instill a healthy lifestyle in the long term – manageable fitness is what we are about. We create programs that fit in with your life, and through our routines put your health and wellbeing at the forefront of your mind. As humans, we are so quick to say yes to everyone else, that we forget to treat ourselves with the care and respect we treat others. TrainFP is here to create a culture that will ensure we look after ourselves so we can continue to look after the ones we care about.


Train Fitness Professionals believe that health and fitness is a winding, topsy turvy, interesting, hard, fun and rewarding path – NOT a destination to sprint to. We want to help you find your fitness path – whether it be group training, personal training or even training through our online portal.


“The class for everybody!”
A 30 minute class that incorporates core, resistance and cardio – the perfect workout for anyone who is looking to increase their strength. Each session is lead by one of our qualified personal trainers who will teach you the correct technique and movement patterns for each exercise you do.⁠

Although these sessions may change day to day and you never know what exercises you will be doing within the class you can always expect to work your cardio system, core, lower body and upper body every single class. This class incorporates weights, resistance bands, body weight exercises and more.⁠

Our trainers highly recommend all members participating in at least one express strength class per week to assist with injury prevention, recovery and attention to technique.⁠

“Challenge yourself!”
A 30 minute HIIT style class (High Intensity Interval Training) that combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest HIIT training techniques to set the metabolism on fire!⁠

Our most intense cardio class! Using bodyweight exercises we work through different total body exercises each session – pushing yourself to the level you want to work out at.⁠

In 30 minutes, you use maximum energy to ensure maximum results – this class may not be easy, but with so many health benefits (build your cardio, increase your resting metabolism, burn more calories just to name a few) we think you should come along a try a class with us!⁠

Our trainers believe that this class is for everybody – and although true HIIT training is a ‘push you to the limits’ kind of workout, we also work with you and your goals to ensure each sessions is not only effective, but safe for you.⁠

“Dance your way to fitness!”
A dance-based workout that keeps you moving. Suitable for beginners, the dance moves are easy to follow along and fun. ⁠

A mixture of cardio, with tracks that include core, legs and arm workouts. You will be moving and grooving with the pumping music – a dance party for those who want to incorporate fitness into their lives while having a great time.⁠

With rotating tracks and building on different steps each week, you will always have something to work on, while working on the same dance track for a few weeks⁠

You won’t even realize you are working out!⁠

“Power and Strength!”
Incorporating the use of equipment like battle ropes, sandbags, kettlebells and more you will be able to increase your strength, speed and power. In this circut-based class you will learn the techniques behind the lifts then go on to work on your strength and power with the movements you have learnt⁠

We are aiming for safe movements first, then adding on the strength, power and speed. Working towards getting to a high intensity level we will ensure everyBODY will get the most out of your time spent in this class.⁠

This class is not only going to assist you in your health, we also think it’s pretty great at building confidence (and FUN!) ⁠⁠

“Games, fitness and GO!”
Using a variety of different equipment, you never know what you are going to get when you come to an ACTIVE! session.⁠

Part circuit, part bootcamp and part game this session is all about working different muscle groups and finding your strength. Exercises are always fully adaptable for you and your body so we can work together in an enjoyable and supportive environment.⁠⁠ ⁠⁠

Limited to just 4 participants, this session is all about you and your goals.

Each member will have their own program they will be working on, under the guidance of one of our personal trainers.

This is the session where you get to work with others, but work on you!


Sessions run Monday – Saturday with a mixture of early am, morning and evening classes.

All our classes are 30 minutes in length (apart from small group training which is 40 minutes)


Community guidelines

Train Fitness Professionals pride ourselves on providing an accessible fitness facility for all bodies. We aim to be a body positive institute, leading the way within the fitness industry to show everyone that kindness, joy and self compassion can be a priority within a gym and fitness environment.

We are committed to safe practices and a holistic view on health. To ensure a happy and positive experience for all involved, it is important that members, extended friends, staff and allied health professionals comply with our guidelines, terms and conditions and child safe policy.



Torquay North

Located just 5 minutes from The Dunes Shopping Centre, Torquay sessions are run out of The Quay – either on the outdoor gym, in the pavilion, or on the reserve.



Located just off the surfcoast highway, we are located at the 1st Grovedale Scout Hall (31 Perrett St, Grovedale) and the Grovedale United Services Memorial Hall (2A Reserve Road) – both bordering Grovedale Recreation Reserve


The openness and non-judgemental approach that Lisa-Marie and all those that train have as a cultured group. It is so refreshing to trial out the good old saying ‘You do You’ which holds you accountable to yourself, absolutely, but more importantly lets you listen to yourself to train at your best capacity.⁠

I am so much stronger!! I have noticed that since starting with Train FP my posture and just the way I move in general has improved. ⁠

Just do it!! Listen to your body and do what is right for you. Lisa-Marie has such an amazing commitment to ensuring we are doing what is the right fit for our body and our ability.⁠

I love all the ones I have tried! It gives me a chance to strengthen and build up my stamina. Also have variety helps so I’m not doing the same workout!⁠




About Lisa-Marie

Lisa-Marie (pronouns she/her) is a lover of dance and movement, and the owner of Train Fitness Professionals. She enjoys finding fun in everyday life, while balancing to ‘feel the feels’ of living in a world that is sometimes kind, sometimes difficult and always surprising.

Lisa-Marie created TrainFP because she wanted to build a positive fitness community – one where everyone is welcome and creates a sense of acceptance for all, no matter your background or current circumstances.

30 days for $30