Welcome to Train Fitness Professionals.

It’s time to choose your strength!

We hope to promote health and fitness as a positive journey! We want you to understand that this will not be a quick fix, but will ensure you instill a healthy lifestyle in the long term – manageable fitness is what we are about. We create programs that fit in with your life, and through our routines put your health and wellbeing at the forefront of your mind. As humans, we are so quick to say yes to everyone else, that we forget to treat ourselves with the care and respect we treat others. TrainFP is here to create a culture that will ensure we look after ourselves so we can continue to look after the ones we care about.

Train Fitness Professionals believe that health and fitness is a winding, topsy turvy, interesting, hard, fun and rewarding path – NOT a destination to sprint to. We want to help you find your fitness path – whether it be group training, personal training or even training through our online portal.


High intensity

These sessions are sure to get you sweating! Using a combination of high power, speed and cardio movements we are sure you will feel the release of your feel-good endorphins at the end of every session.


medium intensity

If you are looking for sessions that will challenge you while working a little slower then you will find it in our Medium intensity sessions. From core stability to weightlifting to general strength we think there is a session for everybody!


dance fitness

Do you love to shake it? Is dancing the way you find your joy in fitness? Then come join one of our dance classes. We have technique sessions, exercises sessions and also offer individual coaching for dancers of all levels.

personal training

Not sure where to start? We think a one-on-one session with one of our trainers is the perfect place for you. Your session will be designed with you and your goals in mind. A great way to focus on whats really important to you.



Train Fitness Professionals are proud to be running training sessions in Grovedale. We currently have sessions running from Monday to Thursday and we hope you can join us!


Train Fitness Professionals love running sessions in our home town of Torquay. With the majority of our sessions run outdoors, we think it’s a great way take in the local surronds, while getting a healthy dose of vitamin D.